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Wadih Sabra (Arabic: وديع صبرا ‎‎ Wadī' Ṣabrā: 23 February 1876, in Beirut – 11 April 1952, in Beirut) was a Lebanese composer and founder of the National Higher Conservatory of Music in Lebanon. As a composer his music is characterized as a blend of Western and Eastern musical languages, incorporating the strengths and charms of both traditions. He is best known today as the composer of the Lebanese National Anthem, popularly known as Kulluna lil Watan (words by Rashid Nakhle), which was officially adopted by the Lebanese Government through a presidential decree on 12 July 1927. His other work includes three operas, a number of Protestant hymns, choral music, art songs, and an oratorio among others. Unfortunately, most of Sabra's music has now been lost and only a few examples of his work remain in the performance repertoire.
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