Sonata for Two Violins 'Intimus'

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Contents: front page, foreword, musicological analysis, editor's notes, Score (17 pages), Violino I. part (10 pages), Violino II. part (10 pages), biography.

Acreca de Sonata for Two Violins 'Intimus'

Kocakov composed the sonata in Stubičke Toplice, a thermal medical resort in northern Croatia, where he was treated for neuropathy. Deteriorated health negatively influenced his playing abilities, and reflects in the easiness of the sonata in terms of technique. However, the sonata is an accomplished work, and it's inner pensive dimension results with challenging content expression of which seeks a mature interpreter.
The G6 is the highest note of the Sonata Intimus and appears only once, at the half of the duration of the composition, in the central (sub)movement Largo, wherein the music content both reaches its dramatic peak and the top of the 3 octave G-major scale. This is how the best tempos of every movement are determined. (If the total duration is about 14:30 minutes, than from the beginning to the G6 - circa 7:15min, and from G6 (you can imagine it as central point) to the end circa 7:15min).

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