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Add translationQuizzes
Menu item for quizzes.
Add translationStart time
Drop down option for sorting concert results by start time.
Add translationYou must click on the checkbox to prove you are a human.
Error message for when CAPTCHA guess was incorrect.
Debes clicar en el cuadrado para demostrar que eres una persona
Add translationProve that you are human by clicking on the checkbox.
Instruction message for CAPTCHA field.
Add translationHuman test
Label for CAPTCHA field.
Add translationYou can search for a title, venue, address, performer, ...
Instruction message for basic search on concert search page.
Puedes buscar el título, lugar, dirección, interprete, ...
Add translationGrade {number}
Title of a numbered exam grade, e.g. Grade 7.
Add translationName of the recipient.
Instruction message for recipients full name on contact form
Add translationTicket info
Label for ticket information field on concert.
Add translationYou must enter some text telling everyone what you think about this piece (10 chars. min).
Error message for when not enough review text is entered on the music review page.